Aberration, poetry written by Megha Sood at Spillwords.com
Pawel Szvmanski



written by: Megha Sood



I’m an aberration,
An anomaly,
A certain twist in the tale
How do you feel when your masks peel off in layers?
and every time you shred your pain and misery
You see more layers forming underneath
Like the layers of the onion
Like the countess scab you have
been picking
/but it seems useless/
Like the constant poking of the needle
can’t seem to find the splinter lodged
deep-seeded in your soul
The candle in your room is weeping
with both ends burning
And you are trying to reach the end of this abyss
When your spindly legs
Are those of the moth
Trapped in the spider’s web
And somewhere someone is tightening the grip on you
Can you feel it by the absence of every
wheezing breath?
That moth is you.

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