After The Floods, poetry by Dr. MOLLY JOSEPH at
Arif Khan

After The Floods

After The Floods

written by: Dr. MOLLY JOSEPH


the street lights
have closed their eyes
refusing to see…

only the pale
evening glow fades…

the sea recedes
like the Mom
crying to herself,
after beating up
her child
spending all her wrath
out of frustration
on her little one…

pity, only pity

the setting sun
hides his face of grief
into dark envelopes…

far out in the horizon
where shades merge
to the tune of the still wind,
is she taking rest, the sea
tired, on pillowed crests
sighing out regrets
for thrashing her kids,
for stealing their lives…
her kids who never knew
the depths of their guilt…

they also stand and plead
the survivors…

tossing all between
Hell and Heaven
are you too
closing your eyes
hiding your face…? 

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