Dreams, a poem by the hairy bum welder at Spillwords.com



written by: the hairy bum welder


Who are you in my dreams?
As I drift off
To sleep
My mind falling
Into the deep

You appear
From nowhere
From the dark abyss
You seem so real
you’re the
I miss

I feel your warm breath
Pass your lips
You whisper words
That I can not

Are you from?
The past
The present
Or a life long ago
The scent of you
Should it give
Me a clue

Your warmth I feel
And soul
Were we once lovers?
from a life I don’t

Tell me your name
Your whispers I can’t
Take off the hood
That hides
Your face

Dawn breaks you start to fade
You reach out your hand
You want to stay
I hear your words
Don’t go
Don’t leave me alone!!
Whose dream is this?

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