Halted Union!, a poem by Pranab Ghosh at Spillwords.com

Halted Union!

Halted Union!

written by: Pranab Ghosh



Her body has its own

Like the flowing river
Has its own rippling

A symphony
In the sky

My heart
Beats fast

The sound
A music


The melodies kiss
Each other

And the river merges
With my soul

An ocean of

A lone seagull flies
Across the horizon

And I stretch my hand!

I expect you to…!

Pranab Ghosh

Pranab Ghosh

Pranab Ghosh is a journalist, writer, poet, translator and blogger. He runs a blog “Existential Problems.” His poems and prose pieces have been published and accepted by Dissident Voice, Spillwords, The Piker Press, Setu Magazine, Pangolin Review, Visual Verse, Memoryhouse Tuck Magazine, Transendent Zero Press, Scarlet Leaf Review, Literature Studio Review, Leaves of Ink, Hans India, etc. He has coauthored a book of poems, titled Air & Age. He has to his credit a translation of a book of Bengali short stories. The title of the English translation is “Bougainvillea and Other Stories”. His second book of poems and first solo book, “Soul Searching and Other Poems” (2017), has been published by Scarlet Leaf Publishing, Toronto. His second collection of poems, “Vision of the World and Other Poems”, has been published by Impspired in November 2020.
Pranab Ghosh

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