Afterlife, a poem by Joan McNerney at



written by: Joan McNerney


They tell me it’s really important
to think about your afterlife
otherwise known as your salvation.

Why do this? You could leave it up
to chance and a lot could be said for
that “go with the flow” attitude.

On the other hand, there is no harm in
praying as a sort of insurance policy…
provided you don’t go too overboard.

Being born once was enough for me.
Who wants to be born a second time?
(I’m praying NOT to be born again.)

No more bad bones, bad breathing,
bad feet, bad doctors, bad jobs.
No more triple pneumonia of the brain.

If I must exist in the material realm,
please let me be a beam of light.
circling in that starry stratosphere.

O great beamer, beam your light on me,
beam me up out of here to become a
bright light winking back at our universe!

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