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All Hallows' Eve History

written by: Sharona Reeves


All Hallows' Eve has History
Samhain festival
18th century
slip of the veil
mask the face
two worlds collide
enchanted dance
firelit night 🌙
day of the dead
fairies prance
three day spread
Celtics and witches
conviction and mystery
pages and pages of stories untold
ghouls and goblins
horrors foretold
demons fought
innocent killed
cursed by the wicked
blood of a goat
Saints scatter
old souls roam
pluck of the harvest
change in the air
shadows in the night
banshees and shape shifters
All Hallows' Eve
mortal beware

Sharona Reeves

Sharona Reeves

Sharona Reeves is a free verse lyrical writer who began writing poems and short stories as a child. She was born in Tampa, raised in Memphis. Sharona has explored performing arts, studied creative writing, journalism, psychology and is an aspiring novelist.
Sharona Reeves

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