An Angel's Wish, a poem by Carmen Baca at

An Angel’s Wish

An Angel’s Wish

written by: Carmen Baca



Luz became aware of her new state when her wings brushed her face.
Realization hit at the same time she figured how to move them about.
I’m dead? I’m dead. Crestfallen, she wept. Right before Christmas, too.
No memory of how or when came to her, but before hysteria took hold,
Peace washed over her instead. She said a prayer and sighed, “Amen.”

She stood, flexed her wings, such a brilliant white opening up and out,
Much like a peacock of the albino variety. Looking down, she smiled,
“The silky gown angels wear—check. Gold tasseled rope at my waist—
Check. Soft sandals on my feet.” She stuck one out to look, floundered,
Recovered on a passing cloud. “Check.” Then, “Aw, dammit, I died.”

She winced, pretty sure she should work on her potty mouth now like
She hadn’t in her short life. “Least of my worries,” she muttered.
Cloud upon fluffy cloud, rich blue sky encompassing all endlessly.
So many questions assailed her—the dos and don’ts of—heaven?
Where was everyone? No stairs, no pearly gates, no choirs of angels…

Answers came so close upon each other she reeled and caught herself,
Lost her balance again and flew. Instinct, a sage inner sight, took over.
She saw her death, her family’s bereavement, and wished to be home.
An instant later, she adorned the top of her family’s Christmas tree.
Luz saw her mother’s tear-filled gaze and rejoiced inside—she knew.

Every holiday thereafter when the family gathered to put the tree up,
They decorated it together, and Luz at the top reveled with absolute joy
To be with loved ones and hear their memories of her movingly retold.
She could meet her mother’s eyes and know she felt her presence too.
Blessed days of heaven on earth granted to an angel gone too soon.

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