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written by: Nancy E. Campos



When you feel lost and you need answers.
Be still, be quiet, observe and listen for your ancestors.

Allow yourself to listen to the gentle breeze;
As the wind blows through the willow trees.

In the quiet trickle of a brook, hear them whisper.
In the fragrance of the flowers as their essence lingers.

In the song of a sparrow or the red-breasted robin,
Or in the rustle of the leaves that have sadly fallen.

In the gentle flight of a monarch butterfly,
Or the lazy dance performed by the dragonfly.

In the beauty, as the moon and stars light up the night sky,
Or in the wolf’s soul haunting, drawn-out, lonely cry.

In the vast desert where sands are untamed,
Or in the exotic dance of a burning flame.

If we ask our ancestors, and answers we petition
In subtle ways, to our questions, they give us their rendition.

Nancy E. Campos

Nancy E. Campos

Nancy E. Campos is an aspiring poet from the United States of America writing from Houston, Texas. Her works tell life experiences, nature, beauty, love, pain, and the imagination’s beauty. She is open to helping many who encounter her work. As a builder and upcoming poet, she hopes to help those who have been broken find their voice and the beauty within. She writes both in Spanish and English; she hopes her poems find the right hearts to inspire. Her works are widely read and published in Melbourne Culture Corner Magazine, Samantha Cabrera Studio, NNOKO Stories, and Spillwords, awaiting publications in Nymphs Publications.
Nancy E. Campos

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