Ancestors, poetry by Nancy E. Campos at
Patrick Schneider



written by: Nancy E. Campos



When you feel lost and you need answers.
Be still, be quiet, observe and listen for your ancestors.

Allow yourself to listen to the gentle breeze;
As the wind blows through the willow trees.

In the quiet trickle of a brook, hear them whisper.
In the fragrance of the flowers as their essence lingers.

In the song of a sparrow or the red-breasted robin,
Or in the rustle of the leaves that have sadly fallen.

In the gentle flight of a monarch butterfly,
Or the lazy dance performed by the dragonfly.

In the beauty, as the moon and stars light up the night sky,
Or in the wolf’s soul haunting, drawn-out, lonely cry.

In the vast desert where sands are untamed,
Or in the exotic dance of a burning flame.

If we ask our ancestors, and answers we petition
In subtle ways, to our questions, they give us their rendition.

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