The Blaze of the Universe, poetry by Jude Neale at
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The Blaze of the Universe

The Blaze of the Universe

written by: Jude Neale


Did Mozart know
he was writing music
that would put
my babies to sleep?

Did he see the light
glaze pass over
their faces as they heard
the soft tinkle of bells,

hidden in twinkle twinkle
little star? Me humming,
soft as down, this refrain
over and over. They suckled,

bluest of blue eyes,
closing with each breath.
I chanted the ending:
How I wonder what you are.

I could feel the peace swelling
In the room, violins and piano:
And you Amadeus, jubilant,
playing complex patterns

And ellipses, knowing
this was the last dance.
You played for royalty,
and for all the sleepless

children to come. They laid
stilled in their mother’s arms.
They didn’t cry, but dreamed
of the holy blaze of the universe.



I was an opera singer who trained in London England. Part of my training involved studying Mozart. It was there I found out about Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and its many variations.

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