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Seen Old Arthur In’t Park
Sat at his usual bench,
With him, he had a flask of tea,
For that thirst, he uses to quench,
Beautiful morning,
Not a cloud to be seen,
Heavy dew on grass,
Yet still looked lush green,
Up in the trees, you can hear birds singing,
Over in the distance,
A church bell was ringing,
Many a day
You would visit the park,
Arthur would be there,

From morning till dark,

If you ever asked him,
How he spent his day,
“Sitting here” his reply,
“Just passing time away”

John Baverstock

John Baverstock

My poetry is normally easy to read, hopefully you will enjoy, I write poems on many different subjects, hopefully something for everyone...
love to all
JB x
John Baverstock

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