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As Advertised

As Advertised

written by: Carl “Papa” Palmer


Obviously out of uniform, the only soldier not wearing his field jacket
is easily spotted in my morning formation to ensure proper fit and wear
of the newly issued 1984 Battle Dress Uniform prior to the commander’s
inspection this afternoon.

The Army BDU camouflage pattern of green, brown, tan and black replaces
the solid colored olive drab green work fatigue uniform worn since 1952.

“Where’s your jacket, Private?”

“I took it out of my wall locker, First Sergeant, laid it on the bunk, looked
away for only a minute while putting on my boots and then couldn’t find
my jacket anywhere.”

Unable to stop laughing, I dismiss the formation.

Camouflaged Jacket
No distinguishing characteristics



My life as a civilian means I don’t need to stay in step or shine my shoes.

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