You haunt Me, a poem by Amalia Tihon at
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You Haunt Me

You Haunt Me

written by: Amalia Tihon


No matter what I do,
It’s never good or strong enough
To even blur the memory of who you are.

Five cheap drinks on a Tuesday night
At the shitty bar down the street
And I still remember the first time I knew I loved you.
Unsteady feet carry me back home,
Shaky hands holding my phone,
With your name stamped at the top of my screen.

A pack of cigarettes later
And they still can’t conceal the smell of your perfume
Lingering in my memory.
Running so fast I start feeling dizzy,
And the streetlights are hurried fireflies –
Yet you’re the one
I want to reach out to lean on.

No matter what I do,
What poison I keep buying to mute your gentle voice,
It’s never enough.

Where do broken souls go
When being heartless is not an option?

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