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Make Him Remember

Make Him Remember

written by: Amalia Tihon


It’s knowing that he’ll forget.
Eventually, all of us will vanish.
One by one, our family will disappear.
Not from his life, but from his memory.

He’ll remember nothing but a fraction
Of the things he once used to love.
Walking his small brown dog;
Dancing in the afternoon sun;
Walking along the train rails in the midst of summer.

He won’t remember any of it,
Yet I’ll remember everything.

It hurts like hell.
To witness the decaying of a being
Who’s so close to your heart.
I wish I didn’t see him
So oblivious to what is happening.

But she’s ruthless and cold,
Takes no second glances and never forgives.
Can’t fool her nor can you orchestrate a decoy,
And begging doesn’t solve troubles or bring any joy.

Make him remember the things he already forgot.
All I ask for is a second chance
For him to relive his life,
With goods and bads,
Laughter and cry,
Only for the sake of remembering something.

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