At The Speed Of Contact, poetry by Scott Thomas Outlar at

At The Speed Of Contact

At The Speed Of Contact

written by: Scott Thomas Outlar



It will come like a god
chasing the tail
that was never really there.

Spinning all our tops off.
Melting nine hearts and a globe.

Slow down, baby,
take a breath, we’ve got this.

It will come like a guard
off its rails
speeding 170 mph.

Slung to the side of the street.
Standing up, dusting off, shaking loose, moving on.

I can see for miles in the distance.
Take my hand, or don’t; please keep smiling either way.

It will come like a sun
spitting through clouds
with a big wish during climax.

Dancing near the gates of heaven.
Breaking five laws, but none of them matter.

Quick, catch the truth, my dear;
it’s always here … until it isn’t.

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