Dancing at The Dawn of The Ball, poetry by Scott Thomas Outlar at Spillwords.com
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Dancing at The Dawn of The Ball

Dancing at The Dawn of The Ball

written by: Scott Thomas Outlar



If ever there were
a time (& place/spatial awareness)
to tie your own shoelace
or get/mend your life
straight (& set in order)

now would be the perfect cue to act
final offer
before it’s all written off
as a failure

I only give advice (when prompted)
that I had to earn/learn/acquire myself

I don’t just run my mouth
for pleasure
nor do I care
to cause/create (or even stir
a single lick
of drama)

but I’d rather
spend a long season
vomiting forth
the poisons of truth

than watch you
& bow before
your own death bed
(ruined in deceit
& disrepair)

Sleeping w/Hypnos
waking no longer
w/a crypt (creature) keeper
called as Thanatos
holding space (safe or otherwise)
for all ten (righteous) rings/tolls
of karma’s bell

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