At The Turn Of The Year by Halina Podgórska-Dutka at

At The Turn Of The Year

At The Turn Of The Year

written by: Halszka/Halina/Podgórska-Dutka


At the turn of the year
the light of the time shines in the dark
The uniqueness of winter

Whiteness around
longing goes on the way
It’s a dream trail

Walk on the snow
everything as if whiter
The soul is shining

Dark green small trees
comets adorn the sky
Glare everywhere

The earth is quiet
she dies straight in emotion
A common spirit works

Give sign something new
the future will have a gift
Exchange with heaven

Halina (Halszka) Podgórska-Dutka

Halina (Halszka) Podgórska-Dutka

I am a Polish writer with artistic and university education. I have over a dozen published books. Being from post-war generation, I am interested in the successful and reliable puls of modernity.
Halina (Halszka) Podgórska-Dutka

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