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The Tree, a poem written by Ansul Noor at

The Tree

The Tree written by: Ansul Noor   I sit down under a Tree in the dense forest of thought. The sounds of leaves in silent speech enchant my mind and...
Mantle written by Ansul Noor at


Mantle written by: Ansul Noor   This cannot be happening, what have we done. We have ravaged this world- the spirit has flown. Every violent act- eith...
Seasons written by Ansul Noor at


Seasons written by: Ansul Noor   I waited...for the Spring of came like a shimmering breeze, blooming for that magic second, and left. I...
Ansul Noor

Ansul Noor

Human first, then moon person, nature-lover, peace-lover and a loyal friend. Ansul Noor has published several poetry books and manages her blog for the sake of evoking change through powerful words. As an ancient soul her works explore life, cultures and mysteries of the universe. She continues her wanderings as the words just drop down from some unknown place and land into her mind.