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The Tree

The Tree

written by: Ansul Noor


I sit down under a Tree in the dense forest of thought.

The sounds of leaves in silent speech enchant my mind and heart.

The brook is respectful and bubbles in quiet friendship.
Dainty blossoms wink with naughty glance.

And the Philosopher Tall and I are engaged in deeper talk.

It tells me of a story that long ago began.

Winds, earth, and sea all in ancient dance.

It talks of wisdom in unknown prose.
The roots in soul of earth are hid.
And the handsome trunk is witness to solid truth.
The branches are veined with dark austerity.
Souls emerge and evolve and in gentle movements stir.
The Tree is a guardian to these wanderers.

I learn of life from each leaf that falls.
Destiny, fate, birth and death all in a glance.

The giant relives stories and tales of yore.
In leafy speech of unequalled eloquence it tells all.

Perplexed and bewitched with such fluent grace.
I bow with reverence to this preacher green.
And to my simple mind such wisdom brings.

How the creatures of the forest adore,
resting peacefully at the core.

The sun and clouds their care provide,
with pride and joy to leaves that bring,
hope and compassion to beings all;

and now the green philosopher of rustling voice does talk.

I am a pilgrim on a path unclear.
The rain in pitter patter falls.
Swaying ecstatically drinking the dew,
I listen and ponder and close my eyes,
as visions of pastel wings flurry by.

Is this painting a visage real?

All is still and the rustling leaves are hushed by escaping dreams.

As I open my eyes, I see,
the glorious Tree smiling graciously.

The spirit of the Tree is now in me!

Gentle thoughts like inspiring swaying leaves.
The true nature of life is what I seek to know,
and how my mind in knowing rivers flow.

Twilight in starry plummets fall.
The colors of dark and light merge and emerge.
Phantoms of sleep in yawning puffs dissipate.
The Tree of grandeur heights is quiet,
and to my distant abode I retreat.

The path of homage to this tall green giant, is complete.

I am at peace at temple green.

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