Heidi Baker

Carried written by Heidi Baker at Spillwords.com


Carried written by: Heidi Baker @heidib19   single syllable sentiments love, blessed, life solid matters, my opinion details of a single moment all...
One Minute written by Heidi Baker at Spillwords.com

One Minute

One Minute written by: Heidi Baker @heidib19   Downtown tower bells ring a five o’clock going-home song of varied tones, for all the wearers of neckt...
One Day written by Heidi Baker at Spillwords.com

One Day

One Day written by: Heidi Baker @heidib19   One day I'll remember something I forgot before I knew it was gone, a way of braiding wishes into hopes, ...
Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker is a second-generation poet and story teller whose writing reflects inner landscapes shaped by journeys of miles and other measures: from Illinois to Arizona, work to home, childhood to adulthood to parenthood. Gentle, imaginative, full of honesty and wonder, her clear writing captures the sacredness of everyday moments. In addition to her growing body of published works, Heidi creates space for other writers, youth and adult, through facilitation of workshops and groups.