J. AnnRey

Weakened I stand by J. AnnRey At Spillwords.com

Weakened I Stand

Weakened I stand written by:  J. AnnRey @JiltedHeart   I've ached far much From an increased pain An overbearing touch Crumbled in strain Fallen, ...
A Trail of Words written by J. AnnRey at Spillwords.com

A Trail Of Words

A Trail of Words written by: J. AnnRey @JiltedHeart   A trail of words Can only speak The truth within To which one seeks The lies, The hurt, Betrayal,...
Unsure by J. AnnRey at Spillwords.com


Unsure written by: J. AnnRey @JiltedHeart   I shut the door Avoiding you Knowing once Closed You'd never breakthrough And yet you've seeped Slivered in...
Uninhibited at Spillwords.com


Uninhibited written by: J. AnnRey @JiltedHeart   Staggered She was Her mind Conflicted At a loss Parts contained In utter lust She was far To broken To...
J. AnnRey

J. AnnRey

Aspiring writer/ poet. Consumed in a blunder of my chaotic mind. My thoughts, my expression now ink on paper or letters on a screen.