Where I care to be written by J. AnnRey at Spillwords.com

Where I Care To Be

Where I care to be

written by:  J. AnnRey



I can chose to love you
As most do in fairy tales
Telling a dream of happy endings
Butterflies fluttering
and Fantasies transcending
Or… perhaps,
You could allow me
Behind the page
Of all that’s deep
To see the inside of your soul
Maybe even speak
To the demons whom creep
Allow me where no one’s been
To breathe amongst the monsters
You hide away
Day to day.. night to night
Hidden from sight
I beg of thee,
Allow me
In the darkest parts
Of your poetry…
That’s where I care to be

J. AnnRey

J. AnnRey

Aspiring writer/ poet.
Consumed in a blunder of my chaotic mind.
My thoughts, my expression now ink on paper or letters on a screen.
J. AnnRey

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