Void written by krvs at


void written by: krvs @Kevinrvs1   Save your whispered words and wishes – Wasteful mumbles, muttered soft in cold stone spaces: Hold your pleas to time...
Staying written by krvs at


Staying written by: krvs @Kevinrvs1   Faith falls in the dark Heartbeat of our bond falters Fear becomes our glue...
The tower written by krvs at

The Tower

the tower written by: krvs @Kevinrvs1   You would box me up in damp and heavy earth to slowly rot; my absence brightly marked for all to see, on days o...


I’m a middle-aged grumpy gay vegan with an inner mad cat lady bursting to get out. Originally from the home of the Bard, now living in Cheshire UK. After a meandering path through music (performing, writing, recording and teaching), theatre, art, mature-studenting and then teaching psychology, counselling skills and statistics in Higher, Further and Adult Education, I find myself at the ripe young age of 52 dabbling in this poetry lark. Kevin [krvs]