Battle Within, a poem by Ginny M. Jones at
Joshua Fuller

Battle Within

Battle Within

written by: Ginny M. Jones


You crept in bearing gifts; offerings left at the door of her mental safe room.
The olive branch of friendship, calming winds of peace.
The fires of passion, a chalice of love.

With Kindness, and patience, and care,
you beckoned and courted her wholehearted love.

In so doing, you lulled into slumber her watchmen,
Reserved, Guarded, Untrusting.

With Kindness, and patience, and care, you laid her weapons down.
Gave them rest.
Still, their protection instinctive.

When you test her love,
The war between heart and mind will rage.

The scales, no longer balanced,
Will dip and then sway
Toward the battle weary victor of that day.

Scattered remnants of love,
Spoils of the war,
Hurriedly gathered and given to protection once more.

Always your lovely words on her heart displayed,
Covering wounds reopened when you push her away.

Weakened love now drowning in protection’s logic,
Listening with not much to say.

She sits in your silence,
No enemy there to slay,
Watching as the pendulum
In shadows play.

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