Blues of Life, poetry by Stuart Brkn Johns at
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Blues of Life

Blues of Life

written by: Stuart Brkn Johns



The blues of life, they wash over me,
like waves crashing onto the shore,
each one a different shade of melancholy,
all relentless in their roar.
They come in shades of indigo & navy,
like a storm cloud rolling in,
or maybe like a deep, dark cavern,
that swallows me up within.
They are like a heavy chain,
dragging me down into the depths,
like a bitter pill to swallow leaves a taste of regret.
Even in the midst of my sorrow,
I can’t help but find beauty in the pain,
like a rose growing in a wasteland,
or a rainbow after the rain.
I embrace the blues of life & all the shades of sorrow they bring,
for they remind me of my humanity & the resilience that comes from within.

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