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written by: Priya Dolma Tamang



Flipping through
the unwritten pages
of my poetic heart,
the stagnated scent
of crushed bloom
from a secret book.
It is etched
with an invisible ink
that smells like old tears.
The paradox
of how it keeps safe,
this rose of first love
which still makes me smile.

Priya Dolma Tamang

Priya Dolma Tamang

Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang is a medical graduate from the north-east Indian state of Sikkim. With her tribal Nepali roots and deeply seated Buddhist beliefs, culture and mindfulness have both been active themes in her writing. Her poetry has found home in international journals and magazines, like Urban Magazine (June and September 2019 issues), ReadMoreCo, Headline Poetry, with work forthcoming in Tales of Reverie by Paragon Press and Just Milieu Art Zine. Her debut book, Ivory Gleam, was published by Leadstart Publishers, Mumbai, in 2018.
Priya Dolma Tamang

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