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The Magical Flight of Coral

The Magical Flight of Coral

written by: June Potter



Stepping ever so carefully on the ladder provided, Coral instinctively knew there deep within her heart, that her life was about to be changed forever. So many times she had been told stories about the land of beautiful dreams and happiness that revealed itself as that of the rainbow of many colours. For such a long time she had waited for this moment and today was her very own special time in which she was going to meet with all the fairies and creatures hidden so far away from the real world. As her excitement become more than she was able to bear so her small foot reached the top of the ladder and gazing in awe at this much written about land of no return, she pushed herself through the invisible gates that automatically blocked all children who had inner doubts about the land of secret dreams and happiness that glittered as the stars surrounding each and every creature from all over the world.
Standing as still as that of the old tree in front of her, she watched as the fairies ever so silently flew gracefully through the night air, all on a journey given before time began. The content humming of their delicate wings as they came so very close to her, left her breathless with an inner longing to be able to have but a few moments in time to meet them and maybe, just maybe, be taken on a short journey into their sphere given, where deeds of graciousness occurred on a regular basis and the forces of darkness were no more for is not the spirit of purity of far greater value than the harmful damage done when revenge and hatred move in disdain so as to destroy the peace and harmony of all who believe and behold the childlike joy of once upon a time?
Suddenly she realised just how very important this nighttime adventure really was, as not every little girl and boy was given the chance to see the world of beautiful dreams and happiness. Walking slowly but with an inner determination to see as much of this fantasy world as possible, she came to a small but free flowing river that shone as bright as the moon above due to its crystal-clear water that bubbled up from deep within the ground beneath her feet. Flowing with an elegance of perfection so the fresh flowing water cascaded over the little rocks and stones, reminding all who watched this scene of tranquillity, that cleansing is not only that of the outer parts of what is seen and recognized but should be that of an inner decision so as to be able to flow in unity one with the other. When putting her small hand in the flowing stream she was amazed to find that it was warm and somehow so soothing thus filling her tender heart with a longing to be joined with others now experiencing this journey of peace. Gazing into the depths of the water she became aware of many little fishes, completely content and playing one with the other. Swimming around in circles; following swiftly after the other and bumping alongside as they seemingly danced their way through the waters of warmth, so she remembered how at one time she, too, had two gold fish but in time they had to leave her home due to having to return to the land of dreams and happiness. “Could this be what her mommy had told her about? Was this the place where fishes went when it was their time to depart?” Coral was so excited at the thought that these special fishes were perhaps her once upon a time fish pets! Without warning the two bright gold fish swimming by, slowed down and ever so gently touched her small hand still in the warm water. Waving goodbye, she blew a kiss to them and continued her journey.
Chattering as the birds in the trees all around, Coral came upon a group of delicate little people who welcomed her with open arms. But who were they? Never before had she seen pictures in the story books at home of people like this. Laughing and playing, jumping from branch to branch so these little people spoke in a language known only to themselves. Sparkling as the stars above, their eyes full of happiness and love they made a circle around her and began to sing with voices as that of angels. In total harmony they sent their message across the land of dreams and happiness that it is of such importance to make those who are different in whatever form, feel accepted and loved for love is such that it builds and blesses thus leaving one with a feeling of acceptance and value in a world of harshness of being degraded as of no value. Without even realising it Coral began to harmonize together with the small unknown people and as she did, so her own fears of being slightly different were no more but tossed into the night air, forever blown away. Touching her with hands of compassion and such grace, she felt into her dresses pocket and there lay a perfect twinkling star given just for her in remembrance of her special fun time with all the different little people.
Becoming slightly weary now Coral found herself needing to rest for but a short while under the shelter of one of the biggest trees she had ever seen. Unknown to her heart so full of joy, she had arrived at the home of the delicate fairies she had seen earlier on. Carved deep into the bark of the tree and all the way up the strong wide branches, the fairies had built their amazing home of picture-perfect imaginary. With soft twinkling fairy lights swaying in tune to the gentle breeze so each fairy went on with their work; that of making little children’s lives happier than they could ever imagine. Building little fairy gardens; sewing together beautiful fairy dresses; carving fairy homes from stones and simply touching little lives with fairy dust at special fairy parties. After resting for a short while, Coral awoke to the excitement being shown by every fairy…she was to be taken on a journey throughout the land of dreams and happiness on the back of a very special fairy, known as Heather the dream fairy. As one and all helped her up and made sure she was safe and secure so Heather flew into the night sky. Climbing higher and higher Coral felt she could surely reach out and touch the full moon smiling down on her and play with the sleeping sun’s one ray. Feeling as if she too was now a fairy with wings so Coral believed that even when she was lonely and sad, she would remember that if you just trusted in yourself, you would be able to fly like the fairies and see so many beautiful things along your journey. With the gentle evening breeze on her shining face, Coral inwardly held close to her heart all that she had experienced since climbing the ladder to this far away fantasy land. Nothing and no one was ever going to be able to remove this wonderful moment in time from her.
As she came to the pathway of having to say goodbye to one and all, so every creature that had been watching her from within their own little homes of peace, handed her a bracelet with the many pictures taken…a gentle reminder that to all there is a season. A time to hope and a time to move forward into that which has forever been sealed there deep within your heart.
Fly without restrictions; love without fear and be at given times, that beautiful inner child that forever lives deep within.

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