Boundless Forms of Love, poetry by Yefon Isabelle at

Boundless Forms of Love

Boundless Forms of Love

written by: Yefon Isabelle



Love sometimes is like the leaves of a tree
Casting its shadows only where it dwells
Love is like a budding flower
Baring its petals to the streak of the morning star
Shrinking in the freezing breeze
Flying with the wind

Love is like a wide river
Sweeping all on its trail
Giving no room for inhibition
Crushing away the wedges
On its way
Founding its trace
free and unshackled
Onwards, unstoppable, forever

Love is like the yearning deer
It calls its own guarding them jealously
Shielding them from harm
Launching in the face of adversity
Keeping safe its young
Even if a thousand hyenas
Stand as adversity

Still, words can’t equate
Love is big, bigger than that
Love is vast, vaster than that
Love, the onerous enigma
We can only compare
Never define
Love is this, then that
Here, then there, like a quantum particle
Its form, forever a mystery to us

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