Campfires, a poem by Glen Gales at
Laura O



written by: Glen Gales


The day dissolves to twilit splendour, sun slides out of view
Earthy dampness cloys the air and settles down as dew

We bask in glowing warmth, of flickering firelight
Log loudly snaps!
Swirling sparks float up to lofty heights

Marshmallows roast on jackknifed twigs in tiny hands of kids
Smiles grow wide as they gleefully cook sugar on their sticks

The people here? Been friends for years, and forever shall remain
Stories told, both new and old are shared around the flames

Crickets chirp, a bullfrog croaks, the air is still and cool
Someone stirs the glowing coals and feeds the fire more fuel

A guitar is strummed; songs are sung, drinks are clinked in cheer
Someone tells a silly joke, we laugh ourselves to tears

Now children sleep in parents’ arms, flames dwindle down to embers
Such gentle times so rare to find, we always will remember

The sky awash with sparkling stars, the moon so big and bright
We collect our things, fold our chairs… it’s time to say goodnight

In future years no one knows what exactly will transpire
I hope at least for a few more hours… with friends around campfires

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