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written by: Carolina Russo



Blow into my heart
the magic of your soul
the happiness of your tears
the life of your energy

Blow into my heart
the music of your creativity
the love of your light
the cold wind of your sad days

Blow into my heart
the changes and transformations
the distance that is not there

Blow into my heart
the senses of your emotions
the memories of your soul

Blow into my heart
the amazing song of your thoughts
the intensity of your feelings
the wanting of your dreams.



Featured image - Watercolor painting by Carolina Russo  -  ©Carolina Russo

Carolina Russo

Carolina Russo

Carolina Russo is an Artist Designer thatexpress her creativity with different mediums. She enjoy to write poetry, haiku and 50 words stories.
Native from Italy now based in California. Her creativity extends to jewelry design, digital art, illustration, photography and watercolor painting.
Carolina Russo

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