CHANGE IS HERE!!!! by Nishand Venugopal at



written by: Nishand Venugopal



A decade of work done by me,
Rolled away with a spike of glee,
Days turned into nights and nights into days,
Everything was done without saying nays,
Times have changed and the orders too,
But I stick to my course, like a very few,
Saw many rises and sets on this path,
And now it’s time to take a leap of faith,
To work for a dream that keeps you awake,
More than one that makes you feel fake,
Scary it is to leave something that has been with me for so long,
But even scarier is the thought that what if I miss what I long,
The path seems hard and vision is not clear,
But I feel in my heart that what I seek is somewhere near,
So it’s time to get out of the box,
So that the fortune that favours me knocks,
Giving me the gift of grit,
To figure the mould where I could fit,
And walk a long way for the picture,
That will set the course for a better future

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