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Childhood’s Reawakening

Childhood’s Reawakening

written by: Antaeus



When I was a young boy, I would run like my feet had wings.
I’d chase butterflies, fight dragons, and fly with the elfin kings.
My mind was sharp, and my thoughts were clear and shiny new.
In my head and heart, there wasn’t anything this hero couldn’t do.

One day, my parents said to me, “It’s time to put away your toys.
You can no longer play alone; go make friends with other boys.”
But the other boys couldn’t see the elves nor the dragons breathing fire.
They’d all laugh, then call me weird and freaky and say I was a liar.

Now came a different fight, not with dragons but boys who bullied me.
My elfin friends would gather around and cheer to urge me on to victory.
Then my parents sent me off to school, “It’s time to start a brand-new page.”
No longer free to run, my mind was trapped—like a lonely tiger in its cage.

I was taught, “You can’t do this, and you can’t do that; do as you are told.
“There are no dragons or elfin kings—you’ll know better as you grow old.”
So, I fought a valiant fight for years to hold onto what I believed was real.
But in the end, life would cloud my mind, and all my dreams would steal.

Defeated, I hid my imagination away, deep in the recesses of my teenage mind.
Wrapped in gossamer wings and thistledown and all the softness I could find.
That night, my elfin friends came to visit me and bid me their fond goodbye.
And my heart was sad that I could not follow, for I’d forgotten how to fly.

Many years have passed and worn away the clutter within my mind.
Now I see all my elfin friends again, the ones I reluctantly left behind.
No longer can I run like my feet have wings—but I can within my head.
Inside it, I climb tall trees and chase butterflies, as I lay immobile on my bed.

Once more, I fight the deadly dragons and fly again with elfin kings.
In my mind, I am a child again, and my failing heart within me sings.
Tonight, the kings will gather around me—mighty heroes, one and all.
And they’ll all bow their heads in sorrow—when I heed my Maker’s call.

Surrounded again by my playmates, I’ll fly into the heavenly light.
Then I’ll stand before my Creator and face judgment in his sight.
I’ll soar so high on gossamer wings and escape these earthly bars.
To meet with friends and chase butterflies, then fly among the stars.

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