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Warren Wong



written by: Ricky Hawthorne



It’s funny but I could hear
Your voice in the text
Like Heaney, when I’m reading his poetry
But this wasn’t a poem…

And I wondered why, after everything, I
Wasn’t worth the y or the o and
Whether the small x was really
Small enough…

As usual you misspelt my
Name…correctly; Kool, I
Guess, sure cool enough…
For Sno…

I always admired ur clefer subtleties, those
Sledgehammers cracking the
Warped reflection of a
Fule in a funhouse mirror…

Thankfully you spared me emojis; perhaps
That was too krule 4 u, except, of course, for the
Sign off kiss, blud coloured lips that
Sucked out my heart…

Keepsake or cut and paste? Why bother, and, anyway,
No-one keeps scrapbooks these days, not even a poet
👍 u

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