Consider the Lillies, a haiku poem by Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta at
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Consider The Lillies

Consider the Lillies

written by: Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta


Lilies of the fields
Oh, how they grow, how they grow
To God’s lovely Spring!

Sunlight kisses them
By day; they know not but they
In harmony, sing.

The moonlight hugs them
By night; they find not but they
Bow in thanksgiving!

What fair and bright smiles
Clothed, arrayed in spotless white
Crowned more than the kings!

God watches the fields,
He rejoices with the air,
The rainfall He brings.

From His own image
He lovingly created man,
A perfect being.

Oh, dearly, the man
Beloved beyond the lilies
Beyond anything!

Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta

Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta

MARIA EVELYN QUILLA SOLETA gives thanks to prose and poetry! Motherhood is a calling and subject so close to her heart. She lives in Cavite, Philippines. Her poems are unadorned yet truthful, purposely warm, and witty. People, places, things, (living and non-living), and even circumstances give colors to her rhythm and rhymes, stanzas, and lines. She began to write poems when she was six and has published two books on poetry, 'My Twenty Poems' and 'Finding My Heart', (an Amazon bestseller in five categories a few hours after its launch in January 2021). Her works can be found in many anthology books and journals. Evelyn has also won local and international awards. Her poems resemble the works of a woman poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay. Evelyn's husband Danny, and their four girls Andrea, Guia, Daniella, and Laura, and two granddaughters Tala and Mayla, keep her inspired to continue this passion of hers-- Writing!
Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta

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