Corona Must Fall, a poem written by Aisha Saidi Kingu at
Markus Spiske

Corona Must Fall

Corona Must Fall

written by: Aisha Saidi Kingu



When they shook the world
We took it all, slid in an abyss,
With concrete walls,
Tall as the ladders toils,
say No Corona Must Fall,

Coronation of the decade,
Friction for the nations,
Take an amalgamation with a caution,
Bronchial tribulation, caress with sanitation
Through it all Corona Must Fall,

Mask your fears a necessary precaution,
Wash your hands become a well Fisher
10 seconds for cleanliness, Don’t touch your face,
Our fate is aligned, Strongly tall,
Resiliently Bold, Corona Must Fall.

Seek wellness, even during sadness,
Seek calmness, even when panic is at the epic,
Mirror the thoughts that give you warmth,
Mirror a state that makes all perfect for Corona Must Fall.

Massively beware, Self care declare,
No handshakes, no street walks for better secure,
Make safety a remedy to all test in there,
Despite the aching hope affair, Corona Must Fall.

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