I Wish I Had Never Grown, poetry by Pratya Thakur at Spillwords.com
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I Wish I Had Never Grown

I Wish I Had Never Grown

written by: Pratya Thakur


You kept me cocooned
In a protective shell
You spent sleepless nights
When I was unwell

You were gentle
As the morning breeze
You understood me
With supernatural ease

You were my ultimate protector
From scoldings of my grandpa
You shielded me very well
From beatings of my papa

I grew up fast,
I feel too soon
I was married off
One afternoon

I can’t rush to you
Every now and then
I have to wait patiently
For approval by men

If you are sick
I can’t rush to your side
I spent sleepless nights
But you aren’t beside

My heart bleeds,
I entreat again.
Please let me go,
My mother is in pain.

They refuse heartlessly and tell
Caring for her is not your job
She will get well on her own
I quell my rage and let out a sob

Frequently meeting my mom,
Is it sooo wrong.
You have yours by your side,
All day long.

How I wish I had never grown!
Or you could have come along.
Then I could lie in your lap,
While you sang my favourite song.

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