A Mime Play, by Alyssa Gwen at Spillwords.com

A Mime Play

A Mime Play

written by: Alyssa Gwen



A silent figure without name

stands alone on the stage

curtain up

behind every white face

is the paradoxical nature of things

Do not reprimand

all could be explained

this mime play is nothing

but an empty reminiscence

as it states

‘’Time’s fool

nothing eternal

today soon

will be another yesterday

those moments… once splendid

fading out

out of sight

out of hearing

out of memory

like one of the millions of stars

dropping out of galaxy

before you forget

live now, make the moment count”

It’s time to ring the curtain down

lights are dimmed

every one exits

Tomorrow will be another new play

real and yet not real

so is life

so is every day

when you look back

many years from now

the other half

will not be truly displayed

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