The Lightness of Ramadan, a poem by Karima Hoisan at
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The Lightness of Ramadan

The Lightness of Ramadan

written by: Karima Hoisan


The lightness of Ramadan,
is like a gossamer blowing randomly in a breeze,
like walking on the moon, gravity barely touching me.
springing then floating with every step… and stopping
to just look and see, all that was missing,
when I was so caught up.
preparing eating, digesting,
that I couldn’t perceive the true aspects,
the colors and depth of anything around me.

Before breaking the fast, everyone is someone else..
Each of us, is changed,
some crankier, more impatient, some wiser, some sleepier,
but I am lighter, a spiritual airhead transcending the afternoon.
Lighter, like the paper lanterns swinging in circles, from their strings
like the plastic bags in Jordan, blowing high in the air,
like circling black birds in the desert gusts, of those other-worldly afternoons.
Lighter, as if walking under water; without a mundane weight, I would float away.
Listening to the Quran being recited,
the chanting seems to come from within, and rumbles through me,
as I listen, as I stop to pray as I stop to just feel the day;
every moment is a moment of awareness, a moment of truth.
I am almost nothing now,
just some thoughts enclosed in wispy feathers,
a spiritual bird who flies higher…….the less it eats.

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