My Chrysalis, poetry written by Giti Tyagi at
Bankim Desai

My Chrysalis

My Chrysalis

written by: Giti Tyagi


Wherein I fell prey to my own self,
Pleasant silky sessile cocoon,
Housed in my ego, my self-centered being,
A hardened self-woven shell!

Fed upon the leaf that was born upon,
As the gluttonous caterpillar, my ego I fed,
Ravenous ever, too big and prodigious,
Molting thus, discarding my virtuous self!

Entangled, entwined in the web spun around,
Contracted, held the shell so dear,
Buried deep under the burden,
Of my hard-earned tags!

For all that’s me, responsible I am,
Diligently work to be surrounded,
By the pleasant silky sessile cocoon!

Thoughts all converged, focus on me,
I, me, myself – is all that I could see,
My world revolved around but me,
The conqueror I was, superior to all, lesser to none!

Metamorphosed to an image, a day too soon,
Gave way to wings, no dormancy nor diapause,
Not mine though turned inwards furthermore,
My shell with time hardened still!

Thoughts spun as in a web, no shackles broken yet,
Forgot to remind me though,
To shed off the cocoon that sheltered long,
The narrow-minded, self-centered me!

The imago’s wings flutter open,
No more I hold myself slave,
Ready I am to let go off,



‘My Chrysalis’ is a poem depicting the self-centeredness and egoistic self which most of us become slave of at times. Introspection can help us shed off the Cocoon that we entrap ourselves in and helps us to free ourselves from the Chrysalis stage and fly freely like a beautiful butterfly.

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