I Am Light and Dark, a poem by Laura Hughes at Spillwords.com
Lorna Scubelek

I Am Light and Dark

I Am Light and Dark

written by: Laura Hughes



I am made of both light and dark.
Sunshine mixed with the moon and stars.
My light can always create a spark,
while my dark is made up of many scars.

I have never chosen to be this way,
but I am proud of both sides of me.
Because my light helps make me stay,
and my dark makes me who I’m meant to be.

I’m meant to share both sides of me
with everyone in the whole world.
To help them open their eyes to see
there’s an escape from the hell in which we’re hurled.

Life can be hard and cruel at times,
but there is always happiness to be found.
Even through all of our lifetimes,
and that’s what makes living so profound…

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