Dainty Dreams in Downpour, a poem by Anahadhbir Singh at Spillwords.com
Raychel Sanner

Dainty Dreams in Downpour

Dainty Dreams in Downpour

written by: Anahadhbir Singh


The summer fire was burning hot
the famished falcon pecked an empty pot
a withering leaf fell to the spot
as the troubled farmer worried a drought

tired and disappointed he let out a sigh
why had he failed his hopes were high
he looked so deep but had lost all will
his eyes, they moved but his life seemed still

the squirrel let out a desperate cry
a majestic blue filled the once dull sky
at the door of smiles, a hasty knock
on the dusty glass was a tiny drop.

the crystal pearls went gate to gate
they brought back memories, rinsed the hate
in the vivid rainbow over the lawn
were seven reasons to carry on

the fire was out, forget the drought
all thirst was quenched there was no doubt
the trickling water washed away his pain
as he sat and admired the love in rain!

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