Dead Poets, poetry written by Flash at

Dead Poets

Dead Poets

written by: Flash


The silence of a star filled night.
A world of in-betweens.
A reluctant poet ponders,
And dreams poetic dreams.
Thoughts of friends he’s never seen,
And new ones long since dead.
The words of long Dead Poets
Leaping newborn from his head.
Of friendship held in distant hearts.
Of love forever present
The times they’ve had,
Both good and bad,
And some forever pleasant.
I would not change a single thing.
Though times there’ve been I’ve cried.
When darkness tried to swallow me,
And hold me deep inside.
It’s only from the darkness
You can truly see the sun.
When joyfully you realize,
That two, in truth,
Are one.



As a trucker I am frequently driving in the still, silence of the night. I don’t listen to the radio, just the sound of the wheels and the whisper of the wind.

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