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written by: Nazim ZarSinner


On our honeymoon, three years past
We rented a room, outside the city
In a little forest for tourists
And unaccepted love makers

At dawn, she looked outside the window
And said, green is so beautiful!
While watching my lipstick-stained curves
She gasped: Take a bath, we’ll go outside

We walked and sat and climbed the trees
Our love grew more and more sincere
I carved her name in the bark of trees
“Maryam”: Her love for me is a dream!

She carved my name beside her name
And prayed for our eternal love!
That was a pleasant time to spend
We remember and laugh at that

Now, when we go there, though sometimes
We find our names​ still carved in the bark
A symbol of eternal love:
To drown in the ocean of pure love!

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