Dent De Lion, a poem by K. Hartless at
Wolfgang Hasselmann

Dent De Lion

Dent De Lion

written by: K.F. Hartless



The dent de lion lies in wait
on shady side of the bike pass,
a blur of freckles as I pass.

Buried there since Mayflower pact,
soon he will spring forth with floret,
bold, with diuretic effect,

and flash his buttery mane, tail erect.
And by his side, a larger pride
than you or I had earlier spied.

A lion’s tooth won’t be denied,
his pair of most resilient leaves
resembling tiny jagged teeth.

A priest’s crown, stubborn in belief,
until his pappus interlocked
fall from its droopy bract.

The dandelion, doon-head clock,
balding from his bout, reclines his snout
to nap the rest of the year out.

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