Eden Asylum, a poem written by Asma at Spillwords.com
Ahmad Akacha

Eden Asylum

Eden Asylum

written by: Asma



Habibi, weep as much as you can.
We’re left here alone,
no human, no insan.

Habibi, I am your only relief
in this world of forgetfulness,
This world of nisyan.

Habibi, weep as much as you want,
My womb is a haven for your sorrows,
I am a haven for your ahzan.

I am left wondering how to protect you.
I am left confused, I am left hayran.

In my heart,
I will carve you a mansion.
full of kindness, full of hanan.

Weep not, habibi.
I will splint your wound
We’ll overcome this time,
we will defeat zaman.

If we ever face danger,
I will thread you in my chest
where you can be safe,
where you can find aman.

Let’s forget the smell of war,
and dance beneath the branches
to their heavenly alhan.

Sleep to my soothing voice,
I’ll read you some prayers.
I’ll read you some Quran.

Weep not, habibi.
I’ll take you to the shores of Eden,
Where we can seek asylum;
Build our own garden,
Live in our own bostan.

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