Euphoria, a poem by Rob Carter at
Jonathan Borba



written by: Rob Carter


I find you fascinating
You always interest me
I love you for who you are
Not the person that I see

I love to watch and listen
To all you say and do
You interest me in everything
And all that you’ve been through

I love your imperfections
Your flaws I may find strange
But I love you for who you are
I never want you to change

I love your quirky moments
When you’re happy or you’re sad
You interest me in everything
Whether it’s good or bad

I find you fascinating still
There’s so much more to see
So much more to learn from you
You will always interest me

There’s no one I could find
That could interest me and adore
Because in you I find euphoria
Who could ever want more

Rob Carter

Rob Carter

I have been writing poetry since 13 years old and I love writing a poem or two or three every day... I am now fifty four years old and never get bored of what I enjoy doing. I write what I see and what I feel and turn my words into art.. poetry from my heart.. I live in Romania having moved from the UK three years ago... I met my partner on Allpoetry where I wrote a poem called 'The Poet and Poetess' and ever since we have been through some good times and through some bad, but we have stayed strong and supportive of each other through it all... As a poet like all poets I write all types of poetry but I prefer rhyme more than anything as you will notice the more you read my poetry, I also write a lot about love, heartbreak, and pain... the reason is I've seen it, done it, and been there, like so many people who write poetry. I hope you enjoy reading any of my future works of art.
Rob Carter

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