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Eve of Forever

Eve Of Forever

written by: M.B. Kruger


‘Twas the Eve of Forever when first they did meet,
To taste bitter conflict with misery so sweet it did darken the sun,
And brighten the night.
On the Eve of Forever when Fate first took flight.

In forbearing forgiveness they sought out true love,
Ignoring the warnings sent down from above, they moved towards each other,
Their steps slow and sure.
On the Eve of Forever – their hopes and dreams pure.

While within their hearts, nestled, they harbored their fears,
Alone and forsaken, through heartbreak and tears on the voyage they traveled,
In search of their peace.
On the Eve of Forever their souls sought release.

Constrained to each other, yet enslaved to no man,
Lost in the eternal they strode hand in hand to the edge of their longing,
The tip of the blade.
On the Eve of Forever their sorrow replayed.

Their joy now forgotten and devotion long past,
First not understanding, they found now at last the true fruit of their mission,
A purpose most chilled.
On the Eve of Forever all hope was soon stilled.

How acrid the aroma of lives that were lost,
Searching for meaning, regardless of cost the two put down their own value,
Forgetting the heart.
On the Eve of Forever their finish did start.

Though they could not have known of the peril and shame,
Chosen, selected, they alone bore the blame of the conflict so bitter,
And sadness so sweet.
On the Eve of Forever – when first they did meet.

MB Kruger

MB Kruger

I have enjoyed writing for years, though it is only recently that I decided to try sharing some of my work.
Between poetry and fantasy stories, my hands stay busy - a good thing, I think.
MB Kruger

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