Ever Reaching, written by Chasity Gaines at Spillwords.com

Ever Reaching

Ever Reaching

written by: Chasity Gaines



Stone by stone; hand to hand
Passed along; toiling beneath
an unforgiving sun
and as I watched with wonder

These humans thought
that stone and mortar
a house for worship
Hard wooden pews Harsh reminder
fiery brimstone of Judgement Day
As so-called priests buzz
Like a hive of disturbed bees

No matter this stoney building
Shuts out the sights and sounds
Doors and windows shut to nature
No Gods would abide this dark abode

Though they believed
Building stone structures
Would grace them in God’s glory
As monies and goods
Exchanges for eternal promises
Everlasting life after death
of an unearthly place
High amongst the Gods of old
Bound by pearly gates
Protected by angel wings

Still yet they build
Hoping to capture
their elusive host
with church bells
and high rising steeples
Ever reaching

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