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Then There’s You

Then There’s You

written by: Don Knowles



So then there’s you
Covered up in confusion’s fleece
Seeing life as sauntering beast
Picking out body parts it’s thrown askew
to stow on dark avenues
Where memories quickly yellow
It’s all about the fallow
To pick the perfect time
believing that you’re so damn sublime
Then counting out my monsters
One by one
Looking for an imaginary smoking gun
If pointing fingers had a caliber
Your index finger would be a 45
I’ve dodged and fled your armaments
I’ve even paid you compliments
So then there’s you
I’ve had enough
The tales of woe and all the fluff
With charity’s grace I’ve held my breath
Now I exhale
I’ll take good rest
From all of your hullabaloo
I’m too much a gentleman to say screw you
Well there I go I let it slip
I regret the need for forcefulness
But too much swill has past under this bridge
Where I now stand
I’ve crossed the boards to lend a hand
But now I draw my gates up tight
Let you fade
Let you drift
Let you pass from my sight

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