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Michelle Spollen



written by: Sinister


The days embrace their hollow fate
as night embalms the lost
and faint visage coagulates
beneath her permafrost,
just starless sky to beautify
the black beneath the blue
as truth becomes a lullaby
the heart cannot subdue

The winds of change are cold indeed,
bereft the heart’s advice.
They bite the soul as memoirs bleed
through untold sacrifice.
The bandages, but silhouettes
of what I used to be,
the fractured forms of old vignettes
I’ve hidden perfectly.

The rhythmed flow, but symmetry
adorning broken form,
just vestiges of clarity
adrift amid the storm
and somewhere ‘neath its gelid rain
the answers stain the ground
with words, the heart can’t ascertain
and feelings that confound.

As semblance fades amid the lull,
before the coming eve,
an echo squirms within my skull
where dreams have taken leave,
a remnant left in the aftermath
of storms within the heart
where lonely men accrue the wrath
of love they watched depart.

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