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Extra Parts

written by: Rando Mithlo


There she was sitting by herself again under the cold fluorescent lights of the library. Her silky black hair covered her left eye when she suddenly looked up at him.
Trey turned away at first, but then slowly looked back at her with all the obsessive feelings that he’s had for her this last month.
Katrin was not looking away, but her eyes seemed watery as if melting like ice under his stare. She smiled at him harmlessly and aimed her face nose down to the textbook. She plucked a few keystrokes on the laptop next to her, peeking ever so casually through her strands of hair.
He thought she looked like a wounded animal, a precious thing in need of his attention. He could give her all she could take. He wanted her. He knew at her age she’s probably had a boyfriend or two before, but not many. He imagined most men would be repulsed by her strange appearance. Yet others like him are quite intrigued.
Trey pushed it farther than just fascination. He wanted to go as far as his fetish would embolden him. The sight of gorgeous female legs gave him such a thrill and made him crazy with desire. It was the first thing about a woman he’d notice. How he acquired such a kink is anyone’s guess. Even as a child he remembered, he would be enamored with the pantyhose worn by his mother’s friends when she would host handbag parties. Always touching their legs and telling them how pretty they were. Back then he would get smiles and a thank-you.
Trey knew that he’d have to rein in his wolfish stare if he wanted to have a chance at Katrin. He made a point of walking to the literature section on the far wall to browse. He rolled peeks her way as his finger indexed over the spines of classics until it landed on an abridged copy of Don Quixote. “Ah, a kindred spirit,” he said to himself.
Ever since the beginning of October, he kept notice of Katrin doing her thing, always hitting the books hard, even on the weekends. Her social circle is small and she mostly keeps to herself. Perfect for him to admire from afar.
Trey hasn’t had the nerve to ask her on a date. He’s terrified she will refuse him… and then his bad side might take over to make him do the evil that landed him in jail a few times before.
She looked up at him again. He wished she had prettier eyes, they were the shade of a blueberry and nervously wide, but she had a cute little upturned nose to help the attraction. Of course, none of her features mattered as much as her amazing legs. All three of them!
What spirit gifted him access to her, he couldn’t fathom, but he’d gladly accept the challenge. One man’s repulsion is another man’s desire.
She had two legs crossed at the ankles and the other one folded atop of her other knees, all protruding from a burgundy knee-length skirt. To watch her reposition them was as sexy as anything in his porn collection. He’d been taking cell phone videos of her as she strolls through the Boonville College quad, kicking up the red and yellow leaves like some art film scene. Her three perfect legs would move harmoniously in rhythm as she tries hard not to be the spectacle that she is. He’s engrossed himself in watching these videos. It’s been an acceptable way to deal with his insatiable desires. That is until now. Katrin smiled at him, and that was as good a sign as any to start up a conversation. She looked up at him surprised when he walked up to her table. He smiled and said “Hi, I’m Trey, how are you,” in a shaky voice.
“I’m Katrin…I’m okay, and you?” Her high-pitched voice revealed a slight English accent.
“I’m just fine, can I ask you a question?” He shuddered with excitement inside.
The pleasant smile left her face. “Yes,” she muttered. Her nervousness was apparent. Trey was a blonde, blue-eyed man with a medium build and he thought quite the sight for her lonely eyes.
“I would love to buy you dinner tonight, would you join me?” He said much smoother. “There’s an Italian restaurant over by the courthouse that has some great Margherita pizza.”
Katrin blinked her glossy eyes and surveyed the room. She said, “I don’t know, maybe. I mean…” she stammered, turning her chair towards him revealing her legs spread evenly. “I’m not all that normal, you know.”
He smiled wide, “I’m not a big fan of normal.” His mouth was almost watering.
She smiled momentarily, and then looked down at her skirt.
“I don’t have two…you know…if that’s what you’re thinking,” she whispered harshly.
“No, no, no!” He shook his head vigorously, “You’re very pretty,” he started.
She blushed, putting a hand to her face “I’m sorry I said that, I seem to be a curiosity in that way to some guys,” she explained.
He looked at her relieved, “That’s not me, I promise you.”
“Then can I ask why? You’re very handsome and could date any normal girl around here,“ her tone softened.
“I told you, I’m not a big fan of normal,” his smile grew. Katrin’s smile came back.
“I’m not above begging,” he said, trying to exude charm. “I promise it’ll be more fun than a loud Halloween party.”
“Okay, I’ll go…what time will you pick me up?”
“How about seven o’clock?”
“Sure, just meet me here. I’ll wait at the bench near the entrance.”
“Great, I’ll see you then,” he said, marveling at her.


It was approaching twilight when Trey drove his old two-toned Cheyenne pickup to the curb at the library building. As promised, Katrin sat in wait on the bench near a group of three cartoonish Jack-O-lanterns painted by the library staff. Her eyes lit up when she saw him. She untangled her legs and popped to her feet. She wore red heels and Trey realized she had to buy two pairs every time she shopped for shoes. His heart beat faster thinking of all the things he wanted to do to her. He would take so many pictures of her and he couldn’t wait to put his hands all over those delightfully thick legs. He thought of ways to keep her all to himself. This past summer, he used his construction skills to build a soundproof room in his basement that he could take her for a while. If he had to, he could drug her up as well. Maybe she’ll just comply and he won’t have to force her. He really hoped for that kind of consent from Katrin, but his eagerness and erratic emotions gave him a short temper, not often affording him the time to wait for permission. No matter how, he would not pass up this once-in-a-lifetime chance to have a beautiful freak like her.
“Hi, Trey!” She said as she opened the passenger door.
“Wow, aren’t you just gorgeous tonight!”
“Thank you,” she said while climbing in. She wore a silky black top and a red skirt. He was mesmerized. She slammed the door shut. Trey put the truck in gear and pressed the gas pedal. He knew he was in control now. He had a sly grin on his face as he made a turn towards the back roads in the county.
“I know this place we can stop at to talk a little if it’s okay with you,” he said, trying to muster a sincere expression.
“Yeah, okay,” she agreed, nodding her head.
“So, Katrin, where are you from?”
“I’m not sure…I was an orphan, I had been moved around a lot as a kid and ended up in Wales. I’ve been in the U.S. for over three years now.” She said, staring off out the windshield.
“Oh, I see. I’m on my own, too. I have a brother in Vermont, but we don’t talk. I’m guessing you’re about twenty-one, right?”
She smirked, “I’m probably older than you, Trey.”
“I’m twenty-five. I’m just attending classes here to try to finish my degree,” he countered.
“I’m not for sure how old I am, I’d just be guessing,” she remarked.
He thought that was odd, however, his excitement grew knowing that without a family, she wouldn’t be missed immediately if she happened to disappear.
He drove the truck down an old fishing trail, down to a riverbank. He had taken other so-called dates there in the past. The remote wooded area was getting thick with shadows and the moon reflected in the slow-moving water.
“It’s pretty out here,” she said. The lights in the dash enhanced her better features.
“Not as pretty as you,” he replied. They locked eyes and he leaned in for a kiss. At first, she backed off but then relented. His hand went immediately to her right thigh and inched upward. She placed her hand on his to prevent it from moving further.
“Are you sure you want to do that,” she whispered.
“Yes!” He stated firmly.
She let his hand go. “I feel I have to warn you, I’m not very good at making out…I’m wild,” she said in a playful tone.
“I like that,” he mumbled, kissing her neck and moving his hand under her skirt.
“You’re not going to know what you’re feeling under there, I’m not what you’re used to,” she said, leaning her head back.
He was going out of his mind with lust. He thought she needed to quit talking and let him get what he wants. “That’s what I like…abnormal.” With his free hand, he felt around his pocket for his folding knife. He climbed on her as she lay back on the bench seat of the truck. He felt around under her skirt, but only found where her legs met her hip, otherwise, she felt featureless. He grunted and grew more frustrated.
“You’re moving too fast, Trey, let me show you what to do.”
“I don’t need to be told what to do!” he said gruffly. He sat up pulling out the knife and showed it to Katrin, “I’m in charge here!” She saw rage in his eyes.
“Okay,” she said calmly, raising her hands. “I had hoped you’d just impregnate me, Trey, but I see this won’t go well.”
“Impregnate? Shut your mouth, take off your clothes!”
She glared at him, “Okay, here you go.” She started pulling off her shirt. Trey watched in shock as her appearance rapidly changed. As her head passed through the shirt opening, folds in her skin segmented her body into three sections from her forehead to her belly and down into her skirt. Extra arms and breasts unfolded from the sections. Sets of eyes opened on both sides of her face.
Trey jumped backward hitting the truck door.
“What are you?” He yelled.
She answered with three voices, “I’m a Triskelion. I’m the virgin, the mother and the hag, I bear creation, protection, and destruction.”
“Get out of my truck,” he yelled nervously.
“Trey, I thought you wanted abnormal,” she taunted.
“Get out, now,” He lunged the knife at her chest.
Six hands grabbed him by the arm and wrist, squeezing tightly and pulling him toward her. He yelped, “Let me go, you freak.” He hooked his free arm into the steering wheel to pull away, but let go when she twisted his arm awkwardly. He let out a yell and dropped the knife.
“I hoped you were the one, Trey. We could’ve been happy. You could’ve satisfied the creation in us, and fulfilled the protection of us, but now there’s only destruction left.” Her spidery limbs held him in check as he struggled mightily to loosen her grip. She extended a leg, putting her red heel to his neck. His struggling stopped abruptly when Katrin forcefully thrust her foot. His neck cracked and he went limp. She relaxed her grip and he crumpled to the floorboard.
Katrin pulled herself together. She observed Trey’s body momentarily and then unbuckled his belt. She pulled down his jeans and shorts, mulling over her situation.
“Maybe we can still get impregnated,” she said, picking up the knife off the seat.


She drove his truck down to the river’s edge before jumping out, letting its momentum take it into the water. She grinned as it sank, knowing that without a family, he wouldn’t be missed.

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